Character Progress

The character controller is now working and the code controlling the in-game gravity is active. The character is able to walk, run, fly and swim as of now. Some of these capabilities may not be present in the demo, but the long-term intention is to complete the game and to include all aspects of the code. I'm currently creating more in-game assets along with further sketches of the display. The display is nearly figured out. The logo is still being created, with the variations getting more focussed on a final. Next steps are to finalize the display design, get the logo as close to completed as possible. Along with those we also need to camera tracking activated and get the level more fleshed out.

I was fortunate enough to discuss character archetypes and story-telling with Michael Dougherty, who wrote X-Men 2, Superman Returns and Trick 'R Treat. He gave a lot of great insight on the formulation of a story.

Below is a video of controller and gravity testing.