Progress on Project Tempest

Currently named  "Project Tempest", my thesis video game now has a full story and plan behind the functionality. Factors may change as time goes on, but overall I am very happy with where everything currently stands.

The game is to be based on the ancient astronaut theory, playing on the concept that humans were in contact with extra-terrestrials long ago. The game follows an Annunaki who was booted off of his Vimanna, Atlantis (Mount Olympus to the Greeks) and uses technology to save ancient civilizations from other technologies that they don't understand. He may use a flying device called the Icarus or a mining machine called the Hercules to progress through levels in a mining chamber. As he rises from the mines (the underworld of cultures around the world), he becomes a man of legend, with myths being spread about the technology he used (he is Icarus and Hercules, for example).

Here is the first piece of art about our protagonist.