Nintendo, Mayur and $1k

After having a Skype conversation with Mayur Prajapati regarding my thesis I decided that the video game concept was worth exploring. We discussed what our final goal was and how we planned to reach that goal. A demo of the game would be created for the thesis show using the Unity program and we would run the demo from the WiiU system to a flat screen TV.

Unfortunately, after some research, we found that Nintendo requires you to use a special CAT-DEV development kit to demo games on the WiiU. This kit costs over a grand, an amount of money which we do not have access to. A call to Nintendo is to be made today, asking what our options are. The company is typically very accommodating to new developers and they may allow us to lease a CAT-DEV rather than purchase it in full.

If this doesn't work out, the game could be released on another system as unity runs on Playstation, Xbox, WiiU, 3DS, iPhone, Android, Mac and PC. Our reasoning for releasing on WiiU was because, in addition to our love of the Nintendo platform, there is a lot of opportunity to lend third party support through independent games. Another option would be to code the entire game in HTML5, which still needs to be discussed further.