Greetings, Thoughts & Thesis

Hello! As my first blog post I'd like to cover some thoughts regarding one of the biggest things happening in my life at the moment; my CCAD senior thesis. I've been letting my mind run wild with ideas I may enjoy covering, many of which I'll share in this post. I'm a little mixed up as to what direction I'd like to go with my project, but I would love to make it big and enter some personally unexplored territory. Lets begin with some of my ideas, shall we?

 Could our religious and mythological history be a misrepresentation?

Could our religious and mythological history be a misrepresentation?

1) Mythology & Ancient Cultures
One thing I enjoy researching in my spare time is mythology and the ancient cultures from which they come. An interesting theory that I think would be fun to explore is the idea that ancient gods and deities were actually biological entities from outside our world. This theory claims that figures such as Zeus or Poseidon are not just ancient myths, but actually historical accounts of what citizens witnessed long ago. One way to explore this theory in an interactive setting is via the use of video games. Although I have never personally created a video game I think that, now more than ever, they can be a great method of storytelling. I, along with my friend Mayur Prajapati, are currently able to put any game we create on the Nintendo WiiU as we have been accepted into the developer's program. Mayur would be involved in this project as the developer, using Unity to create the game, while I would focus on making sure the visuals are working to tell the story. For thesis we could make a short demo of a level or two with an intro video explaining the basis of the game. A decently in-depth outline of the story this game would tell has been created and this outline will be posted if this idea is furthered.

Other areas I would be interested in exploring are:


2) The Seven Deadly Sins
I would create interesting representations of these sins and explain them to those who may be unaware of these interesting figures. There are various different ways to tell this story and the options are almost limitless. Could be a very fun project to tackle. This is definitely one of my top choices.

3) The History of Visual Effects in Cinema
Cover the evolution of practical and 3D special effects in cinema and how it has changed the medium and our world.

4) Unplug
A cause which aims to help with digital addiction and promoting a digital detox.

5) Fandy (Working Title)
Create and brand a business that sells fandom-related candies by teaming up with 3D sculptor Ashley Tatman.

My next step is to narrow down my options and to meet with instructors about my thoughts.