Imagine. Create. Inspire.

These are three things I take very seriously (while ultimately enjoying every second of). I enjoy being a member the art & design community and having a front-row seat to the creation of what makes culture what it is; human experiences. I enjoy design, illustration, photography and video. Sculpting the world around me for others to enjoy.

I've worked professionally as a graphic designer for over three years and I've freelanced for even longer. I'm a graduate from the Columbus College of Art & Design. I have a BFA in Advertising & Graphic Design as well as a minor in Copywriting. At CCAD I filled my schedule with classes from other majors so I could extend my knowledge into other fields. I feel as though this helps me in my advertising endeavors (plus, I just enjoy all forms of art and like learning about them).

In my spare time I am unapologetically geeky. A Ghostbusters fan from birth, I've built my own proton pack and fully intend to wear it to the inevitable premier of a new Ghostbusters movie. I've also built a full-body Iron Man suit and have plans to make it fly (I wish). In addition to outfits, I have a collection of Zelda games that I keep in a treasure chest.